Microchips in humans

One positive aspect of microchipping humans is that eventually it will make us more efficient, there will be less room for human error, and will make people smarter. Some down sides are they invade people's privacies. Pastor thinks that this tech will eventually be forced to people. Another bad thing is in the future there will most likely be GPS in them.
I predict that when you are born a microchip will be in you almost immediately. By the time this happens the tech will be better and it could probably enhance a person's physical and mental state. If they can input information to the brain with the chip then there will be no point of school, they could just put the info in. I think people won't let microchips be imputed because it invades people's privacies and the government could probably take away information if it hurts the government. In these circumstances the future will be dystopian.


Article 1. The article is saying accuweather uses users locations even when they click “don't allow” location on. Accuweather says they would fix the problem in 24 hours. But they actually won't do anything about it. They said they are gonna make another article with more detailed data. They also say all the big companies
Article 2. Someone could use mobile advertising to learn where you go for coffee or restaurants. The University of Washington research suggests that for roughly $1,000, someone can purchase online advertising in ways that allow them to track the location of other people and learn what apps they are using. Any one can easily sign up for these advertisements. Individuals who purchase the ads could see what types of apps their target was using.
Article 3. Location sharing tools are limited or flawed, and in some cases broadcasting your location may not be worth the effort or worth draining your phone’s battery life. Apple and Facebook use location sharing tools …

Tech Spotlight

The device that I have chosen was my PS4, it is in a rectangular shape. It is a couple inches this and about a foot long. It accepts game files and also update files. It process this in the internal processor. The result is me being able to see and control what is put out on the screen.