Activity Guide

1. Go to the “Top Websites” level on Code Studio.

2. Select 3 different sites from the list - try to pick sites that aren’t similar to each other

3. For each website discuss with your partner

Website​ ​Name- Spotify
Why​ ​Visit​ ​It? Because you wanted to listen to music
Why​ ​Was​ ​it​ ​Made? To let people find the music they want at any time.

Website​ ​Name- Netflix
Why​ ​Visit​ ​It? Because you want to watch a show or movie on your phone.
Why​ ​Was​ ​it​ ​Made? To make it easier and more comfortable to watch shows and movies.

Website​ ​Name- Amazon
Why​ ​Visit​ ​It? You would visit it because you were interested in buying a product.
Why​ ​Was​ ​it​ ​Made? Make it easier to online shop, and buy almost any product.

Purpose​ ​for​ ​Creator​ ​(Julia):  Julia wanted people to critic her on her cooking so she can get better

Purpose​ ​for​ ​Users: The users learn to cook they way she did and the same dishes


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